How to Test Laptop Keyboard

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Think the keyboard isn’t fit? Try the Keyboard Tester which is online and free.

Find out which keys of your keyboard on your laptop and PC work fine and which don’t.

The Free Online keyboard checker
Helps you find out the health of your keyboard in a matter of seconds.

Do you want to know the best part? You don’t need to study or be an engineer for doing that.

There are no complicated steps to follow for checking your keyboard.

Find out the simple steps below and help yourself to be the house technician.

Laptop Keyboard Tester

Want to try a keyboard test on your laptop and think of where to go?


Keyboard Tester is a one-stop platform that exemplarily takes the keyboard test on all laptops irrespective of brand.

The keyboard checker helps you take a test of the keyboard on your laptop to find out if the keyboard works fine.

Many times, it is the function that stops the keys from working.

Sometimes we confuse sticky keys with Keyboard issues and to clear our confusion, Online Keyboard Tester can be used.

The keyboard checker helps you find the cause of the problem.

Before you jump to the conclusion that your keyboard is gone and you need a new one try the Keyboard Tester.

It saves an unnecessary purchase and saves your money for the other expenses that you might need to fix the real issue hidden in the mechanics of the computer.

While not everything is a piece of cake, especially when it comes to Laptops.

But at least finding out whether your Keyboard is sick is simple with the online Keyboard Tester.

You try the simple steps of visiting the website for Keyboard Tester, and simply tap each key on your laptop to find out if it is working.

You would find a similar virtual keyboard on-screen and with every tap, the resembling key would change color.

If it doesn’t, then; Voila, pat yourself for finding out that your keyboard isn’t working.

That should certainly boost your energies because in a few simple steps you could find the cause without the need of paying a technician for doing that at least.

If all the keys on your laptop can change the colors then too you can pat yourself for finding that out for free and saving yourself an unnecessary purchase.

Once you know, that the Laptop Keyboard is not the cause of the problem, then it is time to dig in a bit more which would require a bit more studying unlike Keyboard testing on the Free Online Keyboard Tester.

PC Keyboard checker or Mechanical Keyboard Tester

The keyboard might not be the reason for the keys not working.

The reasons could be hiding in the functions or in the computer and the quick and simple way to find that is to try the free online Keyboard Tester.

Which lets you check every key on the mechanical keyboard or the PC keyboard on the Keyboard Tester, simply by pressing each key.

If the key on the screen changes color, you get your response and if it doesn't, you know who is not responding.

The keyboard tester works fine to troubleshoot your keyboard problems from all brands.

It means that there is no PC Brand or Mechanical Keyboard Brand which will particularly not work on the Online Keyboard checker.

Keyboard Tester is the one-name solution that can be trusted to check whether the most problematic Shift Key, Tab Key, Alt Key, Enter Key, Backspace, or the Spacebar is not working.

Not only is the process simple and free but also most importantly takes a very little amount of time, without taking you through multiple pages before really letting you test your Laptop Keyboard or Mechanical Keyboard online on the Keyboard Tester.

Troubleshooting Keyboard

Looking for the right place for troubleshooting your Keyboard?

troubleshooting keyboard

Keyboard Tester does that for you in simple steps and finds out whether or not you would need a new keyboard in a matter of seconds and not even minutes by simply pressing each of the keys on your keyboard.

Shift Key Not Working

Right Shift Key or the Left Shift Key creating a mess in your fast-paced life?

Find out the matter with them on the test keyboard which lets you find out online whether it is the keyboard that has passed out or is it something else, like Sticky Keys that is troubling you.

Tab Key Not Working: Find out if the Tab Key on your Laptop or PC has completely stopped working or is there any other issue.

Find the cause before blaming in seconds by using the Keyboard Tester online.

Enter Key Not Working

One of the most pressed keys is undoubtedly the Enter Key after the Space Bar, so if it stops working all of a sudden, one wouldn't be shocked but the trouble that one will have to face for breaking the Enter key will be a lot.

But before crying your heart out, you can check whether it is broken or it is just the functions messing around and giving you a tough time.

Try the Keyboard Tester and pull yourself from the agony if at all it is possible.

Space Bar Not Working

spacebar not working

The world could come down in pieces if the most essential key the very Space Bar stops working.

Unarguably the most pressed key on the keyboard, there is no life in the computer if the space bar isn’t working.

Until all your functions include the mouse only. But Space Bar still is the most favorite key on the Keyboard and to find if it's working or not, all you need to see is if it changes color when you press it on the online Keyboard Tester.

Numbers Not Working

Numbers on your Keyboard creating trouble? Tap on them at the Online Keyboard Tester to see if it is responding or not.

keyboard number not working

If there is no color change on the screen after pressing the number keys then you might need to change the Keyboard altogether but if it does then you are spared the changing of the Keyboard.

Online Mouse Tester

Keyboard Tester is a unique place on the internet because along with finding you if your Keyboard is working fine or not, the Keyboard tester also lets you find if the Mouse is working fine.

You can check the right click, left click, and the scroll of the mouse independent of the brand and model number online, with the help of Keyboard Tester.

Mac Keyboard Tester

Mac Keyboards can also be tested online within a minute using the online Keyboard Tester.

Laptop/Mechanical Keyboard Tester

Keyboard Tester can test all Mechanical Keyboards along with all Laptop Keyboards and mice online without any Brand specifications.

Whichever laptop or PC you may be using, you can use the Keyboard Tester to check your keys online easily.

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How to Test Laptop Keyboard

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